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Are You Angry?

A lot of people pay every motnh big amount of money to watch thoose cameras, and I ask why ? why this has to be like this ? I think that people don’t need to pay big amount of money to enjoy. So me and my three good friends thought about it  and we worked very hard in the last wees on ourRealLifeCam Free Software. We worked hard about this tool , and we hope you wil use it wisely. Enjoy!


RealLifeCam Free Software  is Out! We worked hard to improve and finally release this sofware for you. It is really simple to use, but if you have still got trouble you can watch tutorial video below. It will help you understand how to use this tool and everything is explained step by step. You can download this here at any time and its always will be free.


How this software works? Read Simple Step

Download The RealLifeCam Free Software

Unzip the file you have downloaded with WinRaR archiver.(if you dont have WinRaR you can download it for free on this link

Extract the software and run it by double clicking on the icon and install

Go to and choose camera, then open the software and click on “Ip Check” then “Start Watching”

Close your door, and Enjoy!

Download Link

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Video Tutorial